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Baldwin UV & IR Systems


Baldwin has over 35 years of experience of developing IR and hot air drying solutions for industrial applications. Our latest development, the FlexoDry, is an ultra-efficient drying system for corrugated Flexo printing presses. It is designed to enable high-quality printing while delivering significant productivity gains.

Baldwin’s full line of Flexo drying solutions includes both Interstation and End of Press dryers as well as UV Curing systems for coating and varnishing applications.

The FlexoDry and FlexoDry Cure can be retrofitted to an existing press or installed on a new press and integrated with OEM controls to offer a seamless interface.

Higher Throughputs and
Energy Savings

Maximize your throughput and reduce energy usage with specifically designed Diamond IRTM lamps, which are more effective at reflecting IR towards the substrate than traditional IR lamps. As a result, converters can increase their line speed while maintaining high-quality printing or they can reduce energy consumption.

FlexoDry Cure UV Curing System Baldwin’s FlexoDry Cure is a highly effective UV curing system for corrugated Flexo printing applications that require a UV coating or varnish. It is a water cooled  design with optimized reflectors to maximize UV curing and reduce heat transfer to the substrate.

Available in any width, we can provide the right system to meet your UV curing needs.




We are proud to present Baldwin´s proprietary design featuring instant on/off pure UV output, with no heat, all in a compact customizable package. Developed using sophisticated simulation software to maximize light collection, our patented optics efficiently focus the UV at different heights for different applications. Numerous installations across the globe have proven the performance and reliability of our new LED UV technology.

Baldwin’s UVed™ provides a highly intense UV output with an ultra-uniform distribution in two planes. The UVed™ is available in a single 35 mm module or a combination of modules to provide any curing width required. The intelligent networking of the modules provides even radiation to the substrate and allows for width switching. Due to the PWM control, the power can infinitely vary while the peak intensity is maintained.


  • Irradiance – up to 30 Watt/cm²
  • Amongst the highest in the industry
  • A modular architecture that allows high flexibility for applications


  • Different UV frequencies are available
  • Patented optics to ensure optimized performance and efficiency in any application