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Blade systems

 Carbon Fiber Chamber

New chambered doctor blade in 100% carbon fiber :
surprising results in flexographic printing of corrugated board

Designed to optimize print quality and obtain considerable waste reductions, the new doctor blade chamber is now in full production with great satisfaction of the users. The carbon fiber material chosen for its construction is 300% more rigid and 70% lighter than aluminum, it is so light it can be moved without the use of forklifts. When in contact with water-based inks, solvents, and glues it suffers zero corrosion. Moreover, the carbon fiber absorbs vibrations ensuring a higher print quality.

The reduced volume of the chamber and its special anti – adhesion treatment allows a savings of approximately 30% of ink fed into the circuit, as well as 60% of water fed during the washing cycle in comparison to a conventional aluminum doctor blade chamber.

Thanks to its support structure,  it is no longer necessary to dismantle the chamber for the replacement of doctor blades and seals, while the low pressure required for the operation considerably increases the life of the blade and doubles the life of the counter-blade.

“The success this new doctor blade chamber is meeting among printers who  have adopted it , confirms the objectives that we set during its  design and encourages us to continue in our commitment to finding new solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers, ” says with satisfaction Emanuel De Zanet, Founder and CEO of the young and dynamic Packaging Plast Company.


  • Material : carbon fiber
  • Anilox table length: 1200mm to 3200mm.
  • Anillox diameter:  190mm to 285mm.
  • Weight from 3.1kg to 9.5kg.
  • Blades: 40mm/45mm
  • Suitable for virtually all press manufacturers.


  • Carbon fiber profile with structural stringers to reduce deflection and increase flatness.
  • Support structure with low pressure pneumatic air chamber, with overturnable and easy to inspect doctor blade chamber fixing device without need of disassembly.
  • “Easy-Quick” system for quick doctor blade change without need of keys and tools.
  • Side seals made with innovative material for optimum adhesion to anilox.


  • Strong construction – the carbon fiber has a stiffness rigidity higher than 300 % compared to aluminum without thermal expansion, providing an excellent adhesion even with high temperature jumps.
  • Ultra light – carbon fiber is 70 % lighter than aluminum, not exceeding 9.85 kg for a 2800mm doctor blade chamber, allowing operators to move it easily without need of forklifts.
  • No corrosion – carbon fiber does experience any kind of corrosion from water-based inks , solvents , glues.
  • No vibration – carbon fiber absorbs vibrations, providing superior print quality.
  • Ink saving – the reduced volume of the doctor blade chamber and the special anti-adhesion treatment, allow about 11% saving of ink in circulation.
  • Longer life of the blades – thanks to the low pressure required for proper operation , extends the life span of the doctor blade and doubles the one of the counter-blade.
  • Increased productivity – thanks to the overturnable fixing device , it is not necessary to remove the doctor blade chamber to replace the blades and the seals , and thanks to the “Easy –Quick” system, there is no need for keys or tools for doctor blade replacements.
  • Reduced power consumption – thanks to its special surface treatment, even when washing, there is a considerable saving in terms of gallons of water used , about 60% less than in a common aluminum doctor blade chamber.